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Physics is about the fundamental properties of the universe

The primary aim of physics is to describe and predict natural phenomena. The driving force is to reveal the basic laws that govern the universe. Nothing less.

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. The subject deals with very basic questions, for example: Where does the universe come from? What is everything made of – and why are things the way they are?

To answer these questions, physicists examine and describe the rules that apply to nature and the universe. The laws of nature are described with mathematics, and they are proved by observations of the universe, by relevant experiments, or by theoretically examining the logical consequences of the laws already described. Physicists thus study the fundamental properties of nature and the universe. They find connections and commonalities between fields that otherwise seem vastly different.

With physics, one can understand astronomical structures from the forces acting between elementary particles. One can use the equations that describe how liquids behave in a glass of water to describe weather systems both on Earth and on other planets, and how blood flows in blood vessels. One can start with very simple mathematical models and develop them to describe a sea of different effects from phase transitions in materials to quantum effects.

The Physics programme teaches you to apply the interplay between abstract theories, advanced experiments, and computer simulations to model physical phenomena. Physics has large interfaces with other subjects, especially mathematics, chemistry, bio- and engineering subjects; the applications of physics underlie large parts of modern technology, such as computers, robots, communication and measuring equipment, solar cells, and medical technology.

Physics is the education programme for you who wants to explain how everything is connected. You like to combine abstract thinking with practical applications. You are good at advanced mathematics, and during your course of studies you will become even more proficient, because mathematics is the language that nature speaks.