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Development of pharmaceuticals is an area of rapid development. This is mainly due to increased knowledge about the biological building blocks of the human body, such as DNA, genes and proteins. The greater insight into the biological processes of the human body means that it has become possible to develop pharmaceuticals that prevent and treat diseases to a greater extent.

The bachelor's degree programme in Pharmacy is an interdisciplinary programme combining pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and biochemical courses. The academic focus of the programme on the formulation and production of drugs and on the various chemical methods such as synthesis, spectroscopy, and computer modelling.

Pharmacy is for you who are particularly interested in biology and chemistry. You will discover how to develop and produce medicinal products and gain a deeper understanding of what pharmaceuticals consist of and how different types of medication work.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Pharmacy is offered only in Danish. Therefore, you must be able to prove Danish language proficiency in order to be admitted into the programme.