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The present and the future are digital

There is an extreme shortage of computer scientists to find solutions to digital challenges, such as optimising IT security, designing and managing databases, developing artificial intelligence and comprehensive IT systems. Plus all the challenges we don't even know about yet.

Computer Science is an education programme for you who are good at logical thinking. You are interested in immersing yourself in complicated issues and in devising innovative and creative solutions. At the same time, you like to create structures and work with systematics. It is not a prerequisite that you can program when you start the programme.

Computer science is broad and covers areas such as programming, algorithms and data structures, computability, artificial intelligence, operating systems, optimisation problems, web search, bioinformatics, databases and game programming.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Computer Science is offered only in Danish. Therefore, you must be able to prove Danish language proficiency in order to be admitted into the programme.