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Learn about the building blocks of life and nature

Biology is the study of how all living things work and are organised, both on land at sea and in the air – from the Arctic to deserts and Danish beech forests.

At SDU, we generally place great emphasis on the experimental work, which gives you a unique framework for immersing yourself in the world of biology. We have really good facilities for this, including our laboratories on campus and our field stations.

The study of biology is for you who are fascinated by how life is created and how it can be influenced and maintained. You work theoretically with the subject, experimentally in the laboratory and practically in the field. You get close to nature and work with overall ecological contexts and detailed, complex molecular issues. From your very first day of studies, you will get close to the research.

As a biologist you will be able to work on many of the challenges facing Earth. During your studies, you will specialise in one or more areas that are important to ensure sustainable conditions. It can be on land, for example in an environment with lakes and streams, or with conservation and restoration of more wild nature in Denmark. You can also choose to work with the marine environment, recycling or climate.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Biology is offered only in Danish. Therefore, you must be able to prove Danish language proficiency in order to be admitted into the programme.