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Learn about cell structures, genetics, and the translation of DNA into protein

Biochemistry and molecular biology are areas of great development in both the understanding of diseases at the molecular level and the experimental development of methods.
Biochemistry is the branch of biology that deals with the chemical constituents of cells. Molecular biology deals with the transfer of information in biological systems.

The education programme in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is for you who want to take part in the journey into human DNA. During the programme, you work theoretically with the subject and combine it with practical investigations and analyses in the laboratory. The subject is in rapid development, and the goal is to map the function and regulation of genes in humans.

SDU is a world leader in the field of proteome analysis, which is used to map the proteins in humans and other organisms. This knowledge provides great insight into, for example, differences between cells, which helps to explain the differences between sick and healthy cells. This basic knowledge is necessary for research into, among other things, cancer, metabolic diseases and resistance to antibiotics.

With a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, you can, among other things, work with improving human health on an overall level. During your studies, you will specialise in one or more areas that help investigate or combat disease. It can be in research or in quality and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Your options are many, both in Odense, in the rest of Denmark and abroad.