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Starting credits

What are starting credits?

If you attend or have previously been enroled in a programme that you have not completed and are applying for a programme at the same level, apply for ‘starting credits’,  if you are admitted. Do this with a view to whether previously passed courses can be included as part of your new programme. 

You will obtain credits if courses from your previous programme correspond to and can replace courses in your new programme.


How do you apply for starting credits?

You apply for starting credits as follows:

  1. Apply for regular admission to the new programme you want to attend instead. Apply via the application portal.

  2. In the application form, you must state that you are attending or have attended another higher programme.

  3. If you are admitted to the programme, apply for starting credits. 

    The programme will inform you about how to apply for starting credits and which appendices you must include in your application for credit transfer. 

    When you apply for starting credits, your new programme relates to whether some of the courses you have previously passed can replace courses in your new programme. 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an assessment in advance of whether or how much credit you can transfer to the programme you are applying for. 


Application deadline:

If you apply for a Bachelor programme, the application deadline is:

  • 1 March: Study start on 1 September 
    (You will receive a response to your application no later than 10 June).
  • 1 5 October: Study start on 1 February
    (You will receive a response to your application no later than 10 December).


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