Sign an internship or project collaboration agreement

Your business can choose to hire an intern or enter into a project collaboration with the student.

This provides you with a fresh perspective on issues while solving specific real-world tasks.

Furthermore, it provides you with a good recruiting basis when the time comes to hire new employees.

The duration of the process and start-up

An internship lasts from two to six months and is typically unpaid.

A project is typically arranged in conjunction with a Bachelor project or a Master's thesis and also lasts from two to six months.

Both types of processes start in September or February. 

Clear guidelines for the collaboration

When you draft an agreement with the student for an internship or project collaboration, clear guidelines are beneficial.

Here is a boilerplate contract you may use:  collaboration agreement. This may be used for either internships or project collaborations.

When filling in the agreement, you should specify what the task includes and what both parties expect out of the collaboration.

You need to be aware of the fact that the agreement must comply with the regulations in the student's programme regulations.

The university must sign off on the collaboration

The contract can be signed once the student has drafted a final agreement regarding the project or internship with his or her SDU guidance counsellor.

You may also request a separate confidentiality agreement, which the student's guidance counsellor must be a party to,

or you may use a different type of contract. In such cases, the agreement must be forwarded to SDU's legal office at for approval. 

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