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Private law

The Private Law Research Group focuses on issues relating to the regulation of the relationship between individual citizens, citizens and businesses, as well as businesses themselves. Private law regulation affects many different actors – from the large international companies and public authorities to the ordinary consumer and family.

The research group deals with traditional private law and seeks to link the basic and special disciplines of private law. The aim is to examine the mutual significance and influence of fundamental property law and special disciplines. At the same time, the group also works across the disciplines of law in the form of research in tax law and capital markets law. Similarly, international conventions and international/EU legislation are also important for Danish private law regulation and thus for the group's research.

The group's research thus has a broad societal interest and relevance, and the group's research themes also have links to other research areas in the department's other research groups.

The research group is strongly anchored in the legal educations at SDU and is responsible for teaching a large part of the core basic subjects at Ba Law, BSc (Law) and part-time education as well as in a wide range of electives on cand.jur.- and cand.merc. (law) training. The group is also responsible for the business law courses at HA-, HD-, cand.negot.-, cand. merc.aud. - and engineering education.

Here you can see a list of the members of the research group.

Research themes in the group

  • Basic private law
  • International commercial law
  • Public law in private law
  • Tax law
  • Special private law

    If you would like to contact a researcher within these research themes, please refer to our expert list.

Last Updated 21.02.2024