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Qualification requirements and expectations

Qualification requirements:

Master's degree in medicine, specialist recognition (medical specialist), as well as teaching and research qualifications. PhD or equivalent academic level.

Job content:

Qualified teaching assignments, exams for students and students in clinical internships at hospitals that handle teaching in clinical disciplines and guidance in research training.

Employment period:

Minimum 3 years and maximum 5 years in fixed-term employment. Permanent employment possible after 2 extensions.


Executive Order on the job structure for scientific staff at Danish state universities

Read the current executive order here (only in Danish):

BEK nr. 1443 af 11/12/2019 – Bekendtgørelse om stillingsstruktur for videnskabeligt personale ved universiteter


Expectations for clinical associate professor


  • An explicitly tailored research profile adapted to the department's/unit's strategy
  • Analytical skills in specific research areas as well as an ability to shape the research agenda in scientific societies
  • A sustained and significant research result in national and international journals and books in accordance with the accepted norm in the field of research
  • Quality of research is central, and some publications should be published in high-profile journals. Scientific articles and book chapters are published in registered series and publishers according to Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) lists, preferably as first or last author in series and publishers at level 2 or 3
  • Participation in national and international networks, research associations and scientific debates
  • Experience with successful management of research projects, successful supervision of PhD students and implementation of externally funded projects
  • Experience and success with external funding (eg as a co-applicant), and potential for successful fundraising of major projects. Main or co-applicant for a minimum of 2-3 grant applications per year


  • Experience with teaching at all levels documented by positive student evaluations
  • Experience with successful supervision and examination of bachelor's and master's students
  • Pedagogical competencies, e.g. via SDU’s postgraduate teaching training course for clinical associate professors
  • Experience with educational management and/or course development and coordination
  • Experience in supervising PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors in teaching
  • By appointment provides working hours related to teaching
  • Updated teaching portfolio

Service to the community

  • Disseminates research-based knowledge relevant to the public sector, education, industry and business and/or cultural development
  • Ability to innovate research dissemination and outreach activities and support colleagues to excel in such activities.
  • Ability to identify and develop new ways in which a larger group of researchers (perhaps across disciplines) can interact with stakeholders and society as a whole to solve societal problems.
  • Has a visible role in relevant scientific communities nationally and internationally


  • Participates in department, faculty and university committees (eg employment, development)
  • Member of the assessment committee for scientific positions and PhD project proposals
  • Head of assessment committee for PhD dissertations
  • Participates in advisory committees, national and international committees and guideline committees
  • General administrative tasks at department level (eg registration, budgeting, financial management)

Personal capacity

  • To be a role model with participation in the department's social and professional life (meetings, seminars, PhD defenses and other department or university events)
  • To nurture good working relationships with colleagues and be ready to back them up if necessary
  • Motivation for and ability to take leadership in both scientific and pedagogical development as well as the department's development
  • Exponent of a scientific standard and knowledge sharing at the department
  • Engaged in career development and in creating opportunities for younger researchers in projects and other initiatives

Last Updated 19.10.2023