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The department

The Department of Business & Management (Institut for Virksomhedsledelse in Danish – IVL) was established in 2021 by merging two research groups from the Department of Economics (Accounting, and Finance) – and five from the former Department of Marketing & Management (Consumption, Culture & Commerce; International Business & Entrepreneurship; Management of People; Strategic Organisation Design; the Centre for Integrative Innovation Management and SCC PACA). Staff are primarily based in Odense, but some groups are in Kolding and Slagelse.


The department employs a total of around 120 staff and offers a wide range of subjects in business administration and social science. Its research ranges from accounting and finance to innovative business development to new forms of consumption and anti-consumption – in addition to organisational design at an abstract-mathematical level and management studies from an empirical, practice-oriented perspective. In addition to being a leader in these research areas, the ambition is also to create synergy between research, teaching and dissemination.


The department is the largest unit in the SDU Business School and is responsible for teaching in all the (business) economics programmes as well as in Market Anthropology, Negot, BSc/Master’s programmes and a number of engineering programmes.


Universities today are facing new challenges and opportunities due to increased competition, growing public awareness and greater mobility of staff and students. Therefore, Department of Business & Management strives to attract employees who can deliver relevant, innovative and high-quality research and teaching – and who are actively engaged in society. To support this, the department will support staff with simple, efficient and transparent administrative processes.


Department of Business & Management collaborates extensively with the world outside the University to strengthen the quality and relevance of its research, and the department disseminates its knowledge to regional, national and international companies and institutions in a variety of formats and media. In addition, there are many collaborations with, for example, SUND and TEK. 


Last Updated 24.05.2024