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Department of Business & Management

Policy and strategy

The Department of Business & Management (DBM) aspires to be a leader rather than a follower and to have one of the best environments for research, education and knowledge exchange in marketing and management. As such it is a department characterized by intellectual rigor, critical thinking, collaboration, autonomy, mutual respect for diversity, equality of opportunity, professional pride and job satisfaction.

The department operates in an increasingly fluid national and international context, with greater competition between institutions, growing public scrutiny and more staff and student mobility. We respond to these challenges by focusing on attracting and retaining talented staff who deliver relevant, high quality, innovative research and teaching, are actively engaged with society and who are supported by efficient, transparent administrative processes.

You find links to the policies and strategies which underpins the department’s commitment to SDU’s strategic objectives of developing talent, breaking boundaries, and engaging with society.

Last Updated 29.05.2024