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Lecturer Training Programme winter 2022

A mixed Danish and English speaking programme is offered. A number of activities will be common for the two programmes, but will be done in English only.

Each course opens with an introductory meeting. At this meeting the participants are informed about the purpose and the content of the university Lecturer Training Programme. They will also meet their colleague supervision group and their LTP supervisor.

 The Study Programme for the winter 2022 LTP describes in details the elements and modules of the programme - shortened version of the Study Programme.  

  • Module 1: Core courses (starts at the residential), online self-paced courses, electives
  • Module 2: Individual supervision and colleague supervision
  • Module 3: Development project
  • Module 4: Presenting the results of the development project to an audience, at for instance a conference or in the department
  • Module 5: Teaching portfolio, Reflections on professional development and Concluding dialogue

Modules 1 and 2 can be completed as it suits the participant during the year, but to complete these modules the participant will have to participate in the residential.  Modules 3 and 4 need to be completed consecutively and Module 5 is the final module.

A 1-year completion time is recommended.

Outline of the Lecturer Training Programme winter 2022

  • Information meeting 8 December 2021, 10:00-14:00 at Campus Odense
  • Residential Course 19-21 January 2022 - Middelfart.

Participants should have their leader's approval prior to signing up for the programme. In case of registration exceeding the number of seats it may be necessary to refer applicants to a later course.

If you have questions, please contact SDU Universitetspædagogik - Centre for Teaching and Learning - .

To enroll in the course please write to Anne Grete Petersen - - by October 15, 2021. When writing, please:

  • confirm that you have your leader's acceptance of your participation
  • state in which language you will be teaching (Danish/English)
  • if possible, state the name of your internal supervisor. We will need the name by the time of the residential, at the latest. 


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