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Lecturer Training Programme

The programme aims at strengthening the participants' educational and pedagogical skills. The programme is mandatory for newly appointed assistant professors at SDU. Postdocs have the opportunity to participate in agreement with the Head of Department. The Lecturer Training Programme is also offered to associate or full professors who do not have any university training education.

The Lecturer Training Programme runs over two semesters, requires approx. 270 hours of work by the participant (10 ECTS) and consists of the following elements:

  • Course part
    • introductory meeting
    • residential course (three days)
    • online, self-paced courses
    • open courses corresponding to minimum 1,25 ECTS.
  • Individual supervision: you must conduct at least 3 supervised teaching sessions plus prior and subsequent discussions with your supervisor.
  • Collegial supervision: you must attend at least 2 lessons conducted by an LTP colleague, incl. subsequent discussion
  • Development project
  • Teaching Portfolio incl. a concluding discussion with your external supervisor, your internal supervisor and a consultant from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (SDUUP)

The Lecturer Training Programme starts up in December and June each year. Deadline for registration is 15 October and 15 April, respectively.

General information about the structure and content of The Lecturer Training Programme is located under "Programme Syllabus" in the top "burger" menu to the right. Specific dates of introductory meeting, residential courses, and poster session in the individual programmes can be found under the headline of each programme – also in the "burger menu".

For questions on practical issues, please contact Centre for Teaching and Learning: secretary Anne Grete Petersen, For questions on the content of the Lecturer Training Programme, contact course leader, Rie Troelsen,


Next programme with vacancies will start winter 2023 - more information on this link

To enroll in the LTP, please write to Anne Grete Petersen - When writing, please:

  • confirm that you have your leader's acceptance of your participation
  • state in which language you will be teaching (DK/UK)
  • if possible, state the name of your internal mentor and confirm that your head of department has approved the choice of internal mentor.

The role of the internal mentor

Internal mentor should be a closely related professional colleague – Professor/Associate or Assistant Professor - who has him-/herself completed the LTP or a similar programme, or has in other ways acquired the necessary competencies to fulfill the mentor role. The internal mentor is designated by the department, but of course in concert with the participant.  The internal mentor should:

  • Attend at least one teaching session (supervision), preferably more, and one of them should be a co-supervision with the external supervisor, who is designated by SDU Centre for Teaching and learning. It is the participant’s responsibility to arrange the supervision sessions.
  • Read the participant’s Reflections on Professional Development which will be forwarded before the concluding dialogue.
  • Attend the participant’s concluding dialogue, but the internal mentor is not expected to contribute to the following written statement. The responsibility for the statement lies with SDU Centre for Teaching and learning.

The internal mentors will receive guidelines, and they will be invited to a short online meeting about the mentor role. The mentors will also have guest access to the UP/LTP itslearning platform.

Excemption from the Lecturer Training Programme?

If you have been through a course similar to the Lecturer Training Programme you can file for an exemption from the programme. A teacher, who wishes an exemption has to send in an application including documentation to the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The application must contain:

  • Documentation for participation in pedagogical courses/workshops/sessions (including specification of place, time and extent of the activities)
  • Documentation for participation in pedagogical supervision courses (including specification of institution, time and extent of the courses)

Application form for exemption from The Lecturer Training Programme.

The application should be directed to the Centre for Teaching and Learning (attention: Rie Troelsen) and sent to


Centre for Teaching and Learning University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 7233

Last Updated 12.05.2022