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Former newsletters from SDUUP


June: The E-learning Project Fund 2021

May: Online Oral Exams – Practical Guidance

April: Online Oral Exam Guidance

March - special edition : How To Succeed In Teaching Online 

March: Learning objectives 

Februar: The Lecturer Training Programme 


December: The TAL2019 conference

November: Student-Teacher Partnerships

October: Course on teaching and learning styles

September: Special Interest Groups in Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education

August:  Generation Z is here! 

June: The E-learning Project Fund 2020

May: The World of Virtual Reality  

April: Peergrade and peer feedback 

March: How to handle personal data in your teaching

February:  SDUUP and Student-Centred-Learning 


December: TAL2018 - Teaching for Active Learning Conference

November: E-learning

October: Instructor courses

September: Teaching portfolio

August: Study groups

June: Collective Academic Supervision

May:  Unlimited Thinking and Teaching

April: SOTL - Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

March: New colleagues, Call TAL2018 and activities spring 2018

February: Team-based learning


December TAL2017 - Teaching for Active Learning Conference

November: Pedagogic Ambassadors

October: E-learning Project Fund 2018

September: Data-driven retention at HUM

August: Strategies for students’ use of computers in lessons and lectures

June: New website on internationalising the curriculum

May:  Use badges to motivate and engage students

April:  Timelines

March:  Learning Analytics

February:  Case-based learning


December:  TAL2016 - Teaching for Active Learning Conference

November: Adobe Connect integrated to Blackboard

October: Poll Everywhere

September: E-learning Project Fund 2017

August: Blended learning

June: Project work at SDU

May: Using video  for teaching  and learning

April: Learning theory in practice

March: Gender Aware Teaching and  Learning

February: Recognition and rewarding of teachings


December:  TAL2015 - Teaching for Active Learning Conference

November:  New  offers at the library: FabLab, Learning Commons and student2student

October: Students as learners

September: Introduction to MOOCs 

August:  Introduction to the Tool for Implementing the Underlying Principles of Education (VIB)

June:  Questioning

May: Evaluation of Teaching for Tomorrow

April: 'Principper for studiestart' (guidelines for study start)

March: Learning spaces 

February: Guidelines for using SDU's e-learning platform


December: Teaching for Active Learning conference

November: Evaluating Teaching

October: Teaching and Learning with Social Media

September: Teaching and learning conferences 

August: Overview of course offers 

June: Teaching Portfolio 

May: E-learning Project Fund

April: Flipped Classroom

March: Developing a shared understanding of assessments – using rubrics, peer assessment and exemplars

February: Free and open online tools: Padlet, Google Docs and Prezi


December: Conference on "Assessment, Feedback and Learning"

November: Active learning in group work (Concept Mapping and Continua)

October: New to teaching or responsible for new teachers?

September:  Interactive Lecturing

August: An  inspired study start

June: Support for your e-learning project from the "E-læringsprojektpulje"

May: VUE (Værktøj til Udvikling af Eksamensformer) - A toolbox for development of examination types

April: Feedback, feed forward and feed up

March: Digital marking

February: About the newly established Centre for Teaching and Learning


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