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The Pedagogical Competence Profile

The aim of SDU’s pedagogical competency profile is to clarify for the teaching staff at SDU the SDU expectations to the teachers’ pedagogical and didactic knowledge, skills and competences in relation to the function/position they  attend to. The competence profile is based on the assumption that teaching is composed of multiple elements and problems, which cannot be referred to one unique group of staff. 

Competence development must meet the requirements of SDU’s Quality Policy, the SDU Underlying Principles for Education – Active Teaching & Learning - and the decisions made locally by the faculties on the implementation of the principles.

SDU offers targeted development of pedagogical and didactic competencies for all relevant groups of staff, whether in permanent or part-time positions, to allow the teachers to gain and continuously develop their competencies. Courses in teaching and learning offered by the SDU Centre for Teaching and Learning are categorised in relation to the levels of the SDU pedagogical competency profile. 

Last Updated 16.02.2024