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SDU's E-learning Staff

E-learning Staff at central level - SDU Centre for Teaching and Learning:

E-learning Staff at the faculties:

E-learning coordinator, University Library: Jens Dam and Kirstin Remvig

SDU Digital:  IT-Project Manager - Poul Basse.
E-learning employees at the University of Southern Denmark

- Who are they and what support do they provide?

  • Employees at the five faculties offer support relating to e.g.:
    • Course and user administration (in collaboration with SDU IT / SDU Digital)
      • Creation of courses and users
      • Setting up courses for teaching
    • Basic workshops to help you get started with our e-learning platform: itslearning 
    • Digital exams – submission of assignments via itslearning etc.
    • Technical support to a certain degree: Functions that do not work properly. Problems relating to permissions to view and edit elements in itslearning
  • Servicedesk / SDU IT
    • Technical support
  • University Library
    Copyright supervision in regards to e-learning.
    Administration and maintenance of the library courses in itslearning. 
    It pedagogical supervision and technical support (in cooperation with SDUUP & SDU IT) for the library employees. 
  • SDU Centre for Teaching and Learning
    • Advice, supervision, courses and workshops relating to the design and delivery of e-learning activities, blended learning and distance learning
    • Focus is on the design of learning processes and the choice of relevant e-learning tools.