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Teaching portfolio

The portfolio must cover the issues mentioned below, not necessarily in the same order. Other appropriate issues can be addressed as well.


1. Pedagogical approach

Reflections on teaching related issues at university level generally, and on the applicant’s own experience, plus future goals in teaching.

2. Teaching experience

Teaching experience so far, and future challenges at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

3. Teaching methods

Teaching methods applied, advantages and disadvantages, student response, and plans for future development.

4. Curriculum development

Participation in development and planning of new study programmes, plus revision of current study programmes or parts of study programmes.

5. Teaching materials

Writing and compiling teaching materials, e.g. books, materials for e-learning, compendia, hand-outs etc.

6. Assessments and exams

Experience with various types of exams – reflections on strengths and weaknesses.

7. Evaluation

Results of student evaluations and responses. References, if any, from heads of studies, heads of departments, supervisors, etc.

8. Formal pedagogical education and project co-operation

Courses, participation in supervision or mentoring, team co-operation, study groups, etc.

Last Updated 16.08.2016