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Mission & Vision

The main tasks of the Department of Forensic Medicine is servicing the authorities, researching and teaching. 

The Department is executing forensic investigations for the Legal System, i.e. medical examinations of victims of violence and charged persons, forensic ortopsies and forensic analyses. These tasks must be dealt with on a  scientifical basis and be neutral and impartial. Our foundation in University of Southern Denmark is a guarantee for both a solid scienficial basis and for the department's independence of the Legal System. At the same time, we aim at providing the best possible service and empathy towards the relatives, that are mourning and having a hard time, and also towards the victims of violence that we examine. 

Research must take place at a high scientifical level. Forensic medicine is a subject of social science, and our research is important to the environment in relation to preventing crimes and diseases.  We also carry  a responsibility to communicate our research results to the politicians and other disicion makers.

Teaching of medical students is carried out by forensic pathologists and chemistes, who are actually practicing forensic work and having a scientific background. In this way, we ensure that teaching is aimed at the practical forensic aspect of the medical work, and founded on a scientific basis. All doctors will be dealing with important forensic matters such as reporting to the authoroties on suspicion of for instance violence against children. It is our duty to prepare the coming doctors of these matters. 

 Peter Mygind Leth

Last Updated 19.10.2023