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The winner of the architectural competition for the new Danish robotics centre at Lindø has been found

The architectural firm Christensen & Co is set to design the new Danish robotics centre, the Center for Large Structure Production (LSP), at Lindø. A project to which the A.P. Møller Foundation has allocated DKK 90m.

In a few years, when the robotics centre Center for Large Structure Production is completed at Lindø at the Port of Odense, it will be housed in a building designed by architects Christensen & Co. The selection of Christensen & Co emphasises high architectural quality, including clear references to SDU, the Odense Steel Shipyard (Danish: Lindøværftet) and the port environment in general.

The new centre will research and develop automated solutions to build large-scale structures such as wind turbines, ships and for building. Thanks to the centre, the activities can unfold in earnest, allowing researchers and companies to develop robots for the large-scale structures. Robots which don’t exist on that scale today.

Clear links to Lindøværftet and SDU

About the selection of Christensen & Co, the A.P. Møller Foundation and the Review Committee have been decisive, that the new robotics centre will

serve a landmark for the transformation of the maritime sector, construction and energy sectors and the robotics industry. The new building makes fora striking arrival at the Port og Odense with its strong references to both the existing industrial buildings at Lindø and SDU and will heighten the overall building quality of the old shipyard area.

At SDU, there is great enthusiasm for the winning proposal.

- We think it’s a fantastic looking building that matches our needs while helping to redeem the huge potential of the LSP project. We believe that the beautiful architecture and clear references to SDU in Odense will make it a landmark that also points to new chapters in SDU’s and Funen’s robotics adventures. We are much obliged to the A.P. Møller Foundation for their generous donation, which makes it possible to build the centre, says Jens Ringsmose, Rector of the University of Southern Denmark.

An exciting architectural task

Christensen & Co are very proud of being tasked with designing the large LSP building. Architect and partner in the firm Mikkel Hermann Sørensen explains that they are thrilled about the prospect of designing a building for the future.

- We are delighted and proud to have won the competition. It is a project that is based on the history and traditions of Lindøværftet. At the same time, the new building is a starting signal for a new way of working with automated large-scale solutions, and it will be really exciting to be part of having to create an industrial building on such a large scale that must also embrace creative thinking and new development, he says.

Completion expected in 2025

Last year, it was announced that the A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes had donated DKK 90m for the construction of a building for the Center for Large Structure Production (LSP), which the University of Southern Denmark will operate in liaison with a number of partners from the Port of Odense at Lindø.

The new buildings are expected to be completed by 2025 and will by then house robots and technological equipment as well as students, researchers and companies.

With the donation, the A.P. Møller Foundation, together with the University of Southern Denmark, has ensured that the winning proposal can be constructed and that it will thus be possible to offer the winner of the competition an agreement on total consultancy services directly after the competition.


Four architectural firms were asked to submit proposals for the upcoming LSP construction work.
A review board consisting of the following members has selected the winning proposal with contributions from a number of special advisers:

  • Director Mads Lebech, A.P. The Møller Foundation (chairman)
  • Rector Jens Ringsmose, SDU
  •  Specialist judge: Architect Lars Bendrup
  • Specialist judge: Architect Torsten Stephensen

The new Center for Large Structure Production at Lindø will develop automation and robots to build large-scale structures such as wind turbines, ships and buildings. Established as part of the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, the centre will be run by the University as well as a number of collaborators from the Port of Odense at Lindø.

The European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund have supported the procurement of the technology for the project by donating DKK 88m.

Editing was completed: 18.04.2023