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Welcome to the Journal JuSDUs’ website.


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What is JuSDUs?

JuSDUs is a web-based journal containing some of the best legal Master’s Theses from a number of educations at the University of Southern Denmark – Law (Masters of laws)./ MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law, MSc in Business Economics and Auditing and Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law and Sociology of education (at Campus in Esbjerg).


Which master theses are included?

In order to be considered, a Master Thesis – in addition to having a high grade – must be of a high academic level (assessed by the student’s supervisor and an unbiased censor) of research quality and newsworthiness, and the Master Thesis’ linguistics must be of the highest quality.


Other information…

The Master Theses are not textually edited or rewritten after they have been submitted for assessment at the university. It is only the student(s) who have written the thesis that has the rights to the work.

Any questions can be addressed to  Professor MSO Jakob Juul-Sandberg( or associate professor, Head of Studies Ulrike Fleth-Barten (


ISSN 2596-3546

Last Updated 21.02.2024