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SBS Career Hub

What is the career hub?

The career hub is an exclusive network for curious and ambitious business students and a unique platform for conversations, content, and resources.


We amplify career opportunities, consult and collaborate with researchers and business professionals, and set the vision for a business school committed to grow and develop career readiness and career success.


Who is it for?

The career hub is open for all enrolled students at SDU Business School, interested in any field of knowledge, and following any of our business programs at any stage in their studies.


What do you gain?

The career hub enables you to access the tools, resources and support you deserve. You will get to meet researchers, business experts and managers, participate in activities that improves your competencies within business science.

Collectively, these aspects enable you to gain valuable experience and develop your professional profile.


What happens in the hub?

The career hub sports an assortment of activities. Members get invited to exclusive research seminars and workshops, special company visits, and social events at the Department of Business and Management.


How to apply

To become a member of the career hub please download and fill out the application template, and send it to

See upcoming and past events in SBS Career Hub


Last Updated 06.03.2024