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Student Jobs

All students at the Faculty of Engineering  are recommended to find relevant student jobs when they are not studying. A relevant student job gives the student valuable experience for the CV and relevance to the studies besides the extra money.

How many hours, the content and the salery are to be negotiated directly between students and the company. A student job can be project based or hours pr. week. Student jobs during summer holidays and remote jobs are very interesting to the students.

Studying  at The Faculty of Engneering  means participating in physical teaching sessions. When  companies are offering student jobs  we  ask to carefully  consider if the job can be combined with the study activity. Especially examination periods are exposed to high study activity  -and in general  we ask to concider  the weekly numer of hours and the time of day/ week they are placeed


Post at SDU jobteaser:

If you have a part time job for an engineering student at SDU, please feel free to post it at SDU Jobteaser – SDU Jobteaser is a job and project site for students and recent graduates from SDU.
Job posts at SDU Jobteaser are free and can be active online for free up to 30 days.

You can post job applications here.

Please feel free to use your own template.

If you don’t have a template we recommend the following items to be included in a post:

Headline – consider the language – byt choosing english you include all students -international as well as national
Job description 
About the company – some relevant information about the company / department / technology where the student are engaged to.
Company - Name, address, web
Contact person - Name, telephone, E-mail
Type of job – project job / study job / remote work
Start – eg deadline for application
Other informations



Do you have questions regarding student jobs, please contact us

Susanne Kjelstrup
T +45 6550 7141

Last Updated 25.10.2023