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Experts in Team Innovation – Interdisciplinary development project during the fifth semester

Training Engineering skills in a crossdisciplinary setup

During engineering education, acquiring knowledge is not always academically focused, team skills such as collaborative project development is applied. In the course Experts in Team Innovation all engineering students (who are not studying abroad) during their fifth semester participate in the course where the students try to work with real-life innovations and to work in interdisciplinary innovation groups.
The projects are often based on a specific development need within a company. Thus, approximately 60% of projects originate directly from companies, approximately 20% from entrepreneur business ideas from students with the dream of owning their own company, and approx. 20% are innovation projects associated with existing research projects on SDU.


Company benefits by participating:

• Development and testing of potential business ideas
• Finding new angles for the company's innovation process
• Interdisciplinary collaboration with students and researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at SDU
• Close contact with study and research communities at SDU
• Create foundation for more collaborations with engineering students


Typical works for companies through the course:

• Preparation of framework projects in collaboration with SDU before summer vacation
• Presentation of company and project idea for students in the first week of September
• Face-to-face updates with the students (where are we? where are we going?) 1-2 times during the progress
• Access for students to various relevant skills in the company
• The company is participating in a final event in which the projects are presented.
The company is not required to attend the students final exam 

Facts about Experts in Teams Innovation in Odense

• Approximately 450 engineering students from all engineering studies in Odense participate
• 14 themes with six groups in each topic
• 5-6 students in each group containing at least three study directions
• One company per theme



Do you have questions regarding cooperation with students in Experts in Teams Innovation, please contact:

Experts in team Innovation  Coordinator 
Steffen Kjær Johansen 
T   +45 6550 7519

Last Updated 12.12.2023