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Joint Research Projects - Profitable cooperation

Co-financed research 

A company has the option of to co-finance a research project together with the university. Thus, the research is co-financed by the company, which has a strategic interest in the cooperation.
All projects must contain scientific interest and relevance to SDU.
The research project can be also be co-financed by public funds, such as Innovation Fund Denmark. During this time the researcher continues to have their right to publish their own scientific results. However, it may be agreed that some publications are postponed until the company has protected the results.
Subsequently, the company has the opportunity to purchase or license the University's share of the rights to results created within the research project.


Cooperation within research projects

If a company wishes to exchange knowledge with a researcher about a specific research project, we help to prepare an NDA as the first step. The agreement ensures that business and researcher treats exchanged information confidentially.

More information

For more information contact Susanne Kjelstrup E-mail: or + 45 6550 7141


Last Updated 14.08.2023