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Team SDU Robotics participating in international robot competition in Japan

Team SDU Robotics has, as the only Danish team, been selected to participate in the internationally recognized World Robot Challenge. The team has developed their proposition for the robot production cell of the future, that can be easily reconfigured to work as part of a fully automated system or in a collaborative setup together with human workers.

One ton of robot equipment has already been shipped to Japan, and on Saturday, 11 robotics researchers fly the same way. They will fight to win the internationally recognized robot competition, the World Robot Challenge.


Among 250 robotics teams from around the world, the Odense-team, Team SDU Robotics, is among the 16 selected to compete in the category of industrial robotics.


"It is a great honor having been selected. We are preparing an exciting contribution to the challenge and are looking forward to meeting the other teams as well as experts and fans”, says team leader Christian Schlette from SDU Robotics and continues:


“But it is also a pressure. We work hard around the clock to complete our robot system. We are not only competing against other universities, but also companies specializing in system integration”.


Robot cell of the future

Team SDU Robotics consists of experts in, among others, computer vision, robot control, software and mechanical design. Together, they have created their proposition for the robot production cell of the future; a highly reconfigurable and flexible setup.


The robot cell of SDU Robotics is made up of two medium-sized industrial robots facing each other. Between them is a work desk that is monitored by cameras.


"The unique thing about our cell is that it is so flexible. It is an open robot work cell, thus making it easy to expand it into a larger production set-up. And beyond fully automated operation, it allows for direct collaboration where people work closely with robots”, explains Christian Schlette, adding that the robot cell also is to form the basis of a novel production system in the upcoming Industry 4.0 Lab at the University of Southern Denmark.

Editing was completed: 11.10.2018