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How can Funen attract the best engineers?

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is part of a new network that will make sure that talent in the fields of technology and IT will be drawn to Funen. Competing businesses have joined forces to secure growth for the business sector on Funen.

- As Head of Department, I actually feel that it can be difficult to find employees with the totally right IT skills, says Head of Department Michael Evan Goodsite from the Department of Technology and Innovation at SDU.

Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering at SDU, which educates one of the most sought-after groups of professionals, namely engineers, is part of a new network, Technology Denmark, which will ensure that talents in technology and IT remain on Funen instead of moving away to Copenhagen.

Businesses which otherwise compete for the same talents have joined forces with Odense Municipality and SDU to find out how Funen can create an attractive professional environment to attract and keep the best talents.

- It has been successful in uniting all parties in achieving one goal, namely attracting and keeping the best talents. For us, it is first and foremost about attracting the best engineering students. After that it is important that we keep them so the businesses of Funen can then employ the best, says Michael Evan Goodsite.

He is therefore looking forward to sitting down at the table with the others to develop ideas for how Funen can attract the sharpest brains in technology and IT and motivate them to stay on Funen once they have their coveted degrees.

- It is incredibly exciting. It's totally unique that we have assembled such a dynamic group, who together will fight for Funen's business community.

Technology Denmark will hold a summit on 3rd November

Professor Dr. Andreas Schotter from the Ivey School of Business in Canada, who has twice won the Wall Street Journal Business Professor of the Year Award, will be one of the keynote speakers.

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