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Students in Focus strengthens the study environment at TEK

The Faculty of Engineering gives 127,450 kroner to develop a number of activities that strengthens the study environment for the Engineering Programmes at SDU.

3D printing Lab, football goals, equipment for the summer course in “build a mobile robot” and tools to the club TEK-Space are just some of the activities that the faculty has chosen to support with the “Student in Focus” pool.

The various initiatives – whether they have an academic or social purpose – have in common that they make it fun and exciting to study engineering. Thus it helps to strengthen student life at TEK.

The following initiatives have been promised support:

  • Creation of a prototype laboratory: Support for the purchase of equipment for the establishment of facilities for prototypes (equivalent to DKK 50,000).
  • Basic Programming Course Basic Electronics at the Mads Clausen Institute: Support for the purchase of equipment relating to the execution of a voluntary course (equivalent to DKK 8,500).
  • Ball and Band: Support for purchasing two football goals (equivalent to DKK 3,600).
  • Cycling strengthens health: Support for procurement of materials and tools in relation to the event (equivalent to DKK 7,000).
  • 3D Printing Lab at the Mads Clausen Institute: Support for the purchase of a 3D printer and materials (equivalent to DK 22,000).
  • Build a mobile robot from scratch: Support for the co-financing of the course (equivalent to DKK 11,350).
  • TEK-Space: Support for the purchase of tools and oscilloscope (equivalent to DKK 25,000).

It is the Academic Study Board for the Faculty of Engineering that has administered the pool.

The photo shows the students who participated in Ball and Band Day 2013

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Editing was completed: 20.06.2013