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SDU and Diabatix enter into collaboration - computer muscles accelerate research

SDU and the Belgian software company Diabatix enter a strategic collaboration that pushes the boundaries of generative design and topology optimisation.

By Sune Holst, , 6/16/2022

SDU and Diabatix signed a formal agreement last week, setting an intense research collaboration within topology optimisation in motion. In short, topology optimisation is about getting a computer algorithm to optimise a structure for a specific problem using simulations.

Assistant Professor Joe Alexandersen, the leader of the Multiphysics Simulation and Optimisation (MSO) group at SDU Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering at SDU, has difficulty getting his arms down. He calls the Belgian software company the ideal partner. 

- Diabatix is the first mover in the market for generative design software for conjugate heat transfer based on the topology optimisation method. At the same time, they have insight into industrial needs, which gives me a unique insight into new application areas. The Diabatix team is also very focused on further developing the technology, and since we are facing similar methodological problems, it felt natural to go together, says Joe Alexandersen. 

Supercomputers can help optimise supercomputers

Joe Alexandersen is a specialist in conjugate heat transfer, where topology optimisation provides a unique opportunity to provide insight into optimal design for energy efficiency in systems, such as heat exchangers for energy recovery and cooling plates for electronics cooling.

Thermal topology optimisation is about energy-related properties, such as heat transfer, flow or cooling, which leads to energy efficiency and can ultimately push the green transition further in the right direction. 

The computer often generatesnovel solutions compared to intuition, which is important in connection with energy efficiency and the 2030 goals for CO2 reduction. 

- The method is extremely powerful and with the help of modern supercomputers, you can gain unforeseen insight. Funnily enough, one of the applications is cooling systems for the supercomputers themselves with an excellent potential for increased energy recovery and performance, says Joe Alexandersen. 

Together, Diabatix and MSO identified several key research topics that aim to push the boundaries of the current state-of-the-art in the field. Diabatix makes its flexible software framework Poseidon, the backbone of ColdStream, available to SDU and the necessary workforce. It provides SDU with additional resources to accelerate and elevate research in the field to new heights. 

About SDU 

Joe Alexandersen is an Assistant Professor at SDU and heads the Multiphysics Simulation and Optimisation (MSO) group at SDU Mechanics, Department of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. The MSO group focuses on efficient computational methods for multiphysics and topology optimisation of multiphysics problems, including flow and heat transfer problems.

He got his PhD in 2016 from the Technical University of Denmark. His work has been internationally recognized with the ISSMO / Springer Prize for Young Scientists 2015 and a DTU Young Researcher Award 2017.

About Diabatix 

Diabatix is a Belgian software company specializing in thermal analysis and generative design of thermal components. Created at the forefront of the latest developments in topology optimisation, generative design and machine learning, Diabatix has developed a technology that can create optimised thermal designs from scratch.

Editing was completed: 16.06.2022