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Companies and students were matched

Companies and Engineering Students Met for the Internship and Project Day at the Faculty of Engineering on 30 April 2014.

Approximately 40 small and medium-sized companies were prepared to meet a vast number of engineering students at the Faculty’s first Internship and Project Day. As soon as the doors opened at 1.30pm, the students flocked to talk with the companies and learn more about the possibilities for potential cooperation.

Seeks interns for Egypt and Vietnam
A lot of companies from various industries were present, which ensured the students good chances of achieving the perfect match. One of the participating companies, Orana from Rynkeby was looking for interns for their factories abroad:

“We are looking for talented employees to join our factories around the world. Today, we are specifically searching for interns for two projects, namely the expansion of our production in Egypt and Vietnam,” said Vibeke Schultz (pictured) who is a communications and marketing consultant at Orana, which is a company that produces fruit-based ingredients for the food industry and FX, produces yoghurt, juice or cake.

“We have spoken with several interested engineering students whom it will be evident to contact. They are enthusiastic young people,” said Vibeke Schultz.

New initiative
One of the initiators behind this day is Associate Professor Søren Jensen who is so pleased with the number of committed participants that he expects to repeat the success next year.

“We want the students and companies to meet each other directly. In such a dialogue, they get familiar with one another, which means – in the short term – they will be able to collaborate on projects and internships,” said Søren Jensen and continued:

“In the long run, the exhibiting companies will also be an obvious aim when the students finish their studies and are looking for a job. By doing this, we avoid that they buy a single ticket to Aarhus or Copenhagen to find work.”

For more information contact
Associate Professor Søren Jensen at or 6550 7513


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