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Grant of million for manure research

With a grand of several million Danish kroner for manure research, researchers hope to reduce nitrogen emission intp the nature and increase the value of manure as fertiliser.

The Ministry of Environment and Food has granted 11.3 million DKK to the ManUREA Technology project. 6.3 million DKK goes to idea-man and project leader Henrik Karring, Associate Professor in Biotechnology at the University of Southern Denmark's Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology.

Better manure

Henrik Karring will research the biochemical processes taking place in manure that lead to the production of ammonia. The project aims to find and develop cheap and effective technology that can reduce ammonia evaporation from manure. The evaporation leads to increased amounts of nitrogen in the countryside, creating an imbalance in certain types of biotopes. It also means that valuable nitrogen is lost from the manure which farmers use to fertilise their crops.

"Altogether it will be good for the countryside, the farmer's economy and Danish industry if we can find a cheap and effective method to reduce the formation of ammonia in manure. At the same time, the project will ensure that Denmark remains at the forefront of the international market for manure management and technology for the reduction of ammonia evaporation from livestock manure," says Henrik Karring.

The other paritcipants in ManUREA are Aarhus University, the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, JH Agro A/S.

The grant was awarded by Grønt Udviklings- og Demonsrationsprogram (GUDP) at the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

For more information contact:

Associate Professor Henrik Karring, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology: / mob: 21356350

Editing was completed: 28.09.2015