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TEK is Hosting the Anniversary Conference on Crystallization

From 18-20th September 2013 the Faculty of Engineering opens its doors to nearby 100 researchers in crystallization as the conference ‘International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization’ is held for the 20th time.

We do not put much thought into it in our daily lives, but crystallization is central to the production of e.g. chocolate, Ice Cream and medicine. Crystallization ensures that the chocolate tastes good, keeps consistency and does not gray – and when it comes to medicine the tablets has to be dissolved in exactly the right pace in order for the body to benefit from the effect.
The crystallization, therefore, is an important technology in the production of various products with critical requirements such as cleanness, crystal size and molecular composition, as is the case in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The international workshop on industrial crystallization, which takes place in mid-September, gathers researchers from both academia and industry. The aim is to present and discuss current research and simultaneously identify the new challenges.

Valuable knowledge
“We’re researching a narrow field, and it’s therefore of great value to meet with colleagues from e.g. Japan, South Korea, and South Africa with whom we don’t normally work closely with. Now we have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, so we can keep fully up to date with developments,” says Associate Professor Haiyan Qu from the department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, which is one of the main players behind the conference at which 15 different countries are represented.

Significant medical potential
Haiyan Qu’s research includes optimization and drug development, particularly tablets and capsules. This is an area in which crystallization, during the last year, has also been recognized as a promising technique to improve the undesirable physical characteristics of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

“It’s an exciting field, and I find it very satisfying that our research and knowledge improves relevant social issues,” says Haiyan Qu, who also joins forces with the industry to develop new technology. The Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering hosts the conference, which will take place for the 20th time and for the first time in Denmark.

For further information please contact
Associate Professor Haiyan Qu, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering. Phone: 6550 7494 /

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