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Henrik Wenzel receives Fyens Stiftstidende's Research Award

Professor Henrik Wenzel from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology has received Fyens Stiftstidende's Research Award 2015 for his work in research and communication at SDU since his appointment in 2007. The award was presented at Fyens Stiftstidende's Mediehus in Odense on 4 June.

Henrik Wenzel's research is based on environmental, technical and economic improvement of technical systems and infrastructure from a holistic perspective.

In the 1990s, along with leading Danish companies such as Danfoss, Grundfos and B&O, he developed Danish methods for environmental analysis and environmental design which laid the foundation for Danish product-oriented environmental policy.

Research in smarter energy and waste systems

Henrik Wenzel has brought great experience and knowledge to the Faculty of Engineering where he has continued his research, which is today primarily concerned with infrastructure, particularly energy systems, waste systems and biosystems.

Since 2007, Henrik Wenzel has attracted funding and skilled colleagues. As well as this he is strongly committed to educating new engineers, acting as supervisor and co-supervisor for around 25 final projects in the spring semester this year.

For more information contact
Professor Henrik Wenzel, Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology
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