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Søren Hassing receives huge honour within optics

Earlier last month associate professor Søren Hassing from Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, was awarded a major award within the fields of optics.

Søren Hassing received a major honour from The Danish Optical Society (DOPS) during a ceremony held on November 14th at the Risø research facility. He received the DOPS Senior Award, which has only been awarded four times since 1995.
The DOPS Senior Award is a special recognition that is awarded to individuals, who made special contributions to the field of optics over a vast period of time. In contrast to the DOPS Award, the Senior Award is not necessarily awarded every year. Candidates for this special honour may be suggested to the DOPS Executive Board. It is the first time a researcher from SDU is awarded DOPS Senior Award.
”It is good for SDU and our educations within engineering that a SDU-employee receives an award like this, because DOPS also have members within the industry. In that way, this award puts the university in focus,” Søren Hassing says.

Facts on DOPS

The Danish Optical Society (DOPS) is a professional organization of persons, institutions and companies working with optics in Denmark. DOPS was founded in 1986 and has from the very beginning been the most important forum in Denmark for activities relating to the scientific and technical aspects of optics.

DOPS is an independent Danish professional organization tending to the interests of optical research and applications. It is governed by an executive committee elected at the annual general assembly.

40 years of experience with research and teaching

The background for nominating and awarding Søren Hassing is his long and ground-breaking line of work within the field of optics. With about 40 years of experience teaching engineering in different constellations at SDU, he has taught a wide range of subjects from high school to university level:

  • Classical physics
  • Analytical mechanics
  • Quantum physics
  • Static mechanics
  • Molecular quantum physics
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Classical electromagnetism
  • Quantum electrodynamics
  • Classical optics

Along with Ole Sonnich Mortensen former assistant professor and Head of Department at SDU's Institute of Physics, Søren Hassing played a key part in implementing the civil engineering study programme for Physics and Technology.

His research has been on molecular physics and theoretical and experimental aspects of Raman scattering, which is the inelastic scattering of photons. His main focus the last five years has been the so-called Surface Enhanched Raman Spectroscopy, with special attention to the amount and kind of molecular information that may be gained, when the molecule is absorbed to a nano-structured, metallic surface.  Within Raman scattering he is working with different applications in the areas of food quality and safety (e.g. pesticides on fruits) and cancer diagnosis.
The award came with a check for 4.000 Danish kroner.


For more information please contact Søren Hassing.

Editing was completed: 08.12.2014