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Energi Fyn funding for two SDU researchers

Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard and Henrik Midtiby both receive funding for projects on Funen.

Energi Fyn has just awarded 1.7 million DKK to projcets which contribute to the realisation of good ideas on Funen, and two SDU researchers are among the recipients.

Associate Professor Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard from the Center for Energy Informatics is to receive DKK 241,500 for experiments which will increase energy efficiency in public spaces and buildings.

Buildings account for approximately 40% of energy consumption in Denmark so it is important to increase their energy efficiency when overall energy consumption is to be reduced. It has been shown that changes in consumer behaviour can impact a building's energy effectiveness by more than 30%.

Researchers will therefore use as a laboratory a new office and teaching building which will be completed later this year at Campus Odense. The researchers will set up sensors which can measure consumption patterns and in this way contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Later, the researchers will work with Odense Municipality on extending the resulting knowledge and solutions to the Municipality's buildings. The project will take place in 2015 and 2016.

Drones to inspect airport fences

The other prize winner comes from the Faculty of Engineering. Postdoc Henrik Midtiby from the The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute is to receive DKK 150,000 for development of a drone which will inspect airport fences.

The project and development will take place in cooperation with Hans Christian Andersen Airport which aims to be the leading European test centre for use of unmanned aircraft.

During the past three years, SDU has focused greatly on this sector with researchers working on building up knowledge in drone technology. The project is expected to be completed in May next year.

This is the tenth time that Energi Fyn's General Fund and Energi Fyn's Development Fund have awarded funding. There were 319 applicants of which 20 were considered.

Editing was completed: 08.05.2015