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Xavier Fretté Awarded Teacher of the Year Award

Great commitment, teaching with involvement and high spirits are just some of the things that has made Xavier Fretté Teacher of the Year at TEK 2014.

A proud and happy Xavier Fretté received the Teacher of the Year award at the university’s annual celebration 2014. The nomination also comprised plenty of praise and recognition:

“Associate Professor, Xavier Fretté is a highly skilled and dedicated teacher who is passionate about teaching. Xavier is characterized by having both a strong academic research profile and being good at communicating his material in an easy and accessible way,” concludes the recommendation of the associate professor from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology.

Involves students
Xavier Fretté teaches engineering students general chemistry, analytical chemistry and natural product chemistry while simultaneously supervising a large number of Bachelor projects and master theses. Xavier is praised for his use of differentiated instruction methods including e-learn.

“It is an important recognition which shows that what I do is appreciated. It means a lot – not least, because my method of instruction takes time, because I use electronic devices such as ‘clickers’ and other feedback methods. My aim is to make the students more engaged and it is great when you succeed,” he says.

Xavier’s ability to bring the student at the centre of teaching makes his lessons very popular. It is clear that he succeeds in making the material relevant and thus all students – despite different approaches – benefit from the lessons, it says in the recommendation.

“I have made great efforts to strengthen my teaching skills, for example through conferences and a number of courses, and therefore receiving this award is wonderful and indicates that my efforts pay off,” says Xavier.

Forthcoming and well-liked
The recommendation, also states that Xavier follows the students closely throughout the semester and there are no problems too small when it comes to helping and guiding his students.

Xavier Fretté is not only liked among his students. He also enjoys high acclaim among his colleagues who in addition to his strong professional competence emphasise his kindness and always good mood.

The photo shows Xavier Fretté who received the award by Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam. Along with the title, Teacher of the Year, followed 25.000kr.

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Editing was completed: 09.10.2014