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Vijay Tiwari is appointed full professor of neurobiology at University of Southern Denmark

Vijay Tiwari, PhD and is appointed full professor of neurobiology at the Department of Molecular Medicine at SDU as of 1 January 2023.

Even before Vijay Tiwari comes to Odense, he has obtained a start-up grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 

- Vijay Tiwari will bring a very significant strengthening of whole-genome research and epigenetics, which Vijay Tiwari uses to understand disorders of the brain and cancer progression: These disciplines are also widely used in many areas of biology for transformative research, says Boye Lagerbon Jensen, head of Department of Molecular Medicine.

The research seeks to uncover how chromatin, the genetic material, communicates with so-called transcription factors and how these mechanisms determine the individual cell. 

- The research is relevant for disease understanding by clarifying how these mechanisms are dysfunctional in developmental diseases and cancer, says Boye Lagerbon Jensen

The appointment of Vijay Tiwari will contribute to more patient-oriented research in close collaboration with Odense University Hospital's genome researchers and researchers from the Faculty of Science. Thus, the appointment strengthens several research fields that are already strong at SDU.

With the appointment, the Department of Molecular Medicine hopes to have taken a big step in the continued development of research height and impact at the new Faculty of Health Sciences, which will be completed at the University of Southern Denmark´s Campus Odense in 2023. The site will become Northern Europe's largest bio-medical research hub. With Vijay Tiwari on the team, the Department of Molecular Medicine hopes to be able to bridge disciplines for the benefit of research discovery.

Vijay Tiwari is married and has 2 sons. He will move to Odense in January 2023. He has lived in 6 different countries and devoted his life and time to research.
Meet the professor

Vijay Tiwari is educated in Molecular and Human Genetics at the Banaras Hindu University in India, PhD from Uppsala University in Sweden with Post Doc stays at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA and Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI), Basel, Switzerland and later as a Team leader in Germany where he also obtained a habilitation degree. Since 2018, Vijay Tiwari has been working at Queens University in Belfast, UK.


Editing was completed: 22.12.2022