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Research & Development

Southern Denmark Research Support

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Marlene  Elnegaard  Research Support Officer  +4565501835 
Sidse Faxøe  Enghave  Research Support Officer  +4565503095 
Lone Ladegaard  Laursen  Senior EU-Funding Advisor  +4565502188 
Carolin  Müller  Research Support Officer  +4565501871 
Anne Kathrine  Overgaard  Head of Southern Denmark Research Support  +4565501043 
Simone Andrea  Rørdam-Preil  Research Support Officer  +4565507322 

Graduate School of Health Sciences

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Charlotte Vegge Thorup  Hansen  Research Education Officer  +4565502829 
Pia Christine Virén  Larsen  Research Education Officer  +4565509234 
Tina  Ludvig-Nymark  Research Education Officer  +4565503664 
Helle Normann  Petersen  Research Education Officer  +4565503986 

Last Updated 19.10.2023