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Health and welfare

On average, most populations live longer and healthier lives. However, there are sizeable inequalities in health, longevity, and welfare access among individuals and groups, while ageing populations put welfare states under pressure. 

For public health, the survival of the welfare state, and social cohesion, this is a matter of concern.

Drawing on our strong competences within management and innovation in the health sector, health economics, welfare studies, and rural research, as well as our cooperation with research environments from health science, engineering, biology, mathematics, computer science, epidemiology, biostatistics, and biodemography, SDU BSS is in a unique position to address these societal challenges and become a thought leader in this area.

Meet some of our researchers and find out what they are researching within health and welfare

Cosmo Strozza

Postdoc at the Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics

Mickael Bech

Professor at the Department of Political Science and Public Management

Seetha Menon

Associate Professor at the Department of Economics

Last Updated 13.06.2024