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Digital transformation of society

Modern society has entered an era in which digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) proliferate. Digital technologies and AI can augment or replace human decision-making and may contribute to the public good but also disrupt and threaten it.

The impact of data, digitalisation, and AI on media and politics affects the very core of democracy, while the digital transformation of society also has a significant impact on industry and business as well as critical infrastructure. 

SDU BSS has strong competences within digital consumption, emerging technologies, cyber security, democracy, media, political institutions, and social behaviour, and a well-established cooperation with researchers from mathematics, computer science, software engineering and cultural studies.

This places us in a strong position to produce knowledge that can leverage the opportunities arising from the digital transformation of society and alleviate the negative impact of new technologies on public order and societal institutions.

Meet some of our researchers and find out what they are researching within digital transformation of society

Claes de Vreese

Professor at the Digital Democracy Centre

Ingvild Bode

Professor at Center for War Studies

Jan Stentoft

Professor at the Department of Business and Sustainability

Last Updated 13.06.2024