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Carlsberg - Semper Ardens: Accelerate

Deadline - 1st of October, 2024
Amount - 5 mio DKK for 3 years

Phone: +45 3116 2027
Webpage: Carlsberg Young Researcher Fellowship

Three-year grants for newly appointed tenured associate professors to establish an independent research group or research environment, including the acquisition of research infrastructure (equipment, register data, etc.) and the formation of national/international networks.
At the time of application, the applicant cannot be more than two years into her/his tenured associate professorship position. Any periods of leave will be accepted as extensions of this time limit (maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, illness, military service, etc.). The exact employment date must be specified in the CV.
- The total amount applied for must not exceed DKK 5 million.
- The amount applied for may include salaries for postdocs and operating expenses of DKK 5,000 per month.
- The amount applied for may include salaries for PhD students, operating expenses of DKK 5,000 per month and tuition fee.
- It is required that enrolment of the PhD students at a Danish PhD graduate school is guaranteed.
- The amount applied for may also include up to a total of three months of salary for the main applicant.
- The application must be submitted in English.
Peer review
Each full application will be sent to three high-level international experts within the relevant scientific area(s) for external peer review.
Each reviewer will be asked to assess the applications according to the Carlsberg Foundation’s ‘Assessment Criteria for Reviewers’.
Reviewers will be asked to declare a possible conflict of interest. If a conflict is identified, the reviewer will not be used.
The peer reviews will serve as an important input to the board’s decision, but it is the board that makes the final decision.
Applicants will not get the opportunity to comment on the reviews prior to the board’s final decision.

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