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Research training programme in Science and Mathematics Education and Communication

The goal of the SMEC programme is to cover the entire spectrum of competences, knowledge and skills required to undertake research, development and teaching assignment in the field of Science and Mathematics Education and Communication, and to contribute meaningfully to the development of this field.

The SMEC programme aims at understanding the practices of learning, teaching and communication of mathematics and science through researching the practices.

PhD students in the SMEC programme will be provided teaching and research opportunities relevant to their area of interest. There are five main research areas with the SMEC programme:

  • Integrated STEM education and learning
  • Design and implementation of interdisciplinary STEM curricula from primary to tertiary education
  • Teacher education and professional learning 
  • Relations between formal and informal learning settings
  • Transformation of scientific information into accessible understandable knowledge for the public 

The SMEC programme offers PhD courses, seminars, workshops and guest lectures by national and international scientists within science and mathematics education and communication.

An important aim of the SMEC programme is to facilitate networking with Master's degree students, PhD students and scientist from universities and university colleges in the regions of Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. Networking occurs through common seminars, workshops and courses and visits by national and international scientists. The practice aspect of the SMEC programme is supported by cooperation with schools, museums and science centres in the regions of Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.

The SMEC programme is headed by Professor Connie Svabo. The individual PhD project is harmonised within the PhD School at the Faculty of Science,  according to the rules currently in force. The SMEC courses are designed to prepare candidates for all aspects of the research process, including development and design of research proposals, implementation of a research agenda, and dissemination of findings.

The SMEC programme offers three courses that are pre-approved for PhD students at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:

Last Updated 09.08.2023