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Research training programme in Bioinformatics

The programme aims to educate PhD students within this interface, especially accounting for and catering to the various backgrounds of the students.

The focus of the programme lies in the development of novel computational methods for precision medicine, systems biology, and -omics (for example proteomics and genomics), as well as in the computational analysis of large scale biological and medical datasets.


Courses will range from PhD courses in Computer Science to Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medicine, depending of the student’s background and PhD project.

We also encourage students to take courses complementary to their respective backgrounds in order to facilitate the interdisciplinary concept of the programme.

Publication guidelines

We expect that a PhD fellow publishes 1-2 articles on the results of the research project.

Results will be published in prominent bioinformatics and biomedical journals or journals within the application area.


The research training programme in Bioinformatics is headed by Associate Professor Richard Röttger

Other researchers associated with the programme

  • Associate Professor Veit Schwämmle
  • Other researchers from Computational Biology and Medicine

Last Updated 09.08.2023