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New Centre

New Centre for Industrial Mechanics on its way in Sønderborg

By Sune Holst, , 2/25/2020

On 24 February, representatives from SDU and Bitten & Mads Clausen Fond, LINAK, Region of Southern Denmark and Sønderborg Municipality signed an agreement on the establishment of the Centre for Industrial Mechanics.

The centre shall contain new educations within the mechanics field as well as unique lab facilities and an international top-class research unit within mechanics. 

Industry clamour for engineers

Despite rising admissions on the country’s engineering study programmes during the latest years, Denmark will be facing a massive lack of highly educated technological labour in 2025 and onwards.

The new centre will be established to meet this lack of engineers so that companies can maintain their production in Denmark.

At the same time, it will support the sustainable development that is the general focus of the companies’ efforts. With the establishment of CIM, the state of knowledge and eco system within products such as electric cars, windmills and robots is going to be strengthened.

Success breeds success

It is not the first time that the five partners go together to establish a centre. In October last year, the Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) was opened.

In very short time, CIE has become a lighthouse within power electronics and has demonstrated what public bodies like Region of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg Municipality and SDU can achieve in collaboration with global companies such as Danfoss and LINAK.

There are unique opportunities for synergy effects between the two centres which, among others, can help to boost the green solutions that climate change requires.

Research-based knowledge

With education and research, the Centre for Industrial Mechanics will support companies within the wind industry, e-mobility and energy efficiency enhancement.

It is the goal of Centre for Industrial Mechanics to build research facilities and to connect an internationally recognised research unit of 30+ staff members by 2030. By this, the centre ensures the companies’ access to research-based knowledge.

The partners contribute with a total of 93 mill kroner to the establishment of the Centre for Industrial mechanics (CIM).

Editing was completed: 25.02.2020