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SDU is establishing a Business School

A new Business School at SDU seeks to build a bridge between the university’s business economics programmes and the business community and society in general. The Business School will open its doors in September this year.

By Marlene Jørgensen, , 2/26/2021

At the next study start in September, it will also be the kick-off for the opening of a new Business School at SDU.

The Business School will form the framework for SDU’s business economics programmes, ensure relevant and requested programmes and strengthen the interaction between the university and society – and not least the business community – further.

A single point of access

Every year, SDU admits more than 1,000 students to one of the business economics programmes divided between five cities – and with the Business School, there will be a more obvious point of access in the future when companies and organisations want to get in touch with students and researchers from the field of business economics at SDU.

It is the ambition that the SDU Business School will take the collaboration one step further and create synergy both internally and externally.

This is what Jens Ringsmose, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, where the SDU Business School will be housed, says.

Even closer collaboration

– We would like to reach out and put our knowledge into play for the benefit of our surroundings, and we believe that a Business School can help strengthen the good interaction that already exists between the business economics education and research environments and our surroundings in the form of companies, organisations and society altogether, he says, adding:

Business economics

  • The business economics programmes are offered on SDU’s campuses in Esbjerg, Kolding, Sønderborg, Slagelse and Odense.
  • The field of business economics accounts for approx. half of the programme activities of the daytime studies at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, where each year approx. 700 students are admitted to the BSc education programme and approx. 500 students to the MSc programme.
  • Also in the area of further and continuing education, the field of business economics is a great part of the programme activities, among others in the form of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and the MBA.

– Our aim is also to constantly make our education programmes more relevant. And that – in connection with our increased interaction with companies and employers – we become more aware of the qualifications and employees they demand and need now and in the long term.

– Of course, it’s a prerequisite that we also in the future have research of the highest quality and a clear link between our research and education programmes.

According to Jens Ringsmose, the education programme will continue as planned for students who have already begun an education programme that in the future will become part of the Business School, while the closer link between theory and practice may help open up new and more career paths after having finished the programme.

Value to society

Rector at SDU, Henrik Dam, is also looking forward to the university getting a Business School:

– It’s absolutely crucial for SDU to bring value to society through research and education and to work with the challenges that the world is facing with regard to sustainable development. I therefore look forward to following the development at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences in the work on this important agenda, he says.

SDU Business School officially opens on 1 September 2021, and the plan is to celebrate the opening with a major event.

Photo: Nils Lund Pedersen

Editing was completed: 26.02.2021