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2020 Admissions

Welcome to 5,478 new students

Once again, the University of Southern Denmark has seen an excellent acceptance rate, which – despite the COVID-19 crisis – follows the trend from recent years: There is still massive interest in the field of health sciences and in the health sciences education programmes offered by SDU.

By Bente Dalgaard, , 7/28/2020

This year, SDU received 21,800 applications for its education programmes and has offered 5,478 young people a student place.

In line with previous years, medicine, psychology, political science and law remain the most sought-after courses of study. Especially in health sciences, the demand for student places is growing year by year. SDU’s medical studies, which has the capacity to admit approx. 350 new students, have received 3,125 applications this year.

‘Consequently, many applicants will get rejected from attending their top choice. Many applicants will therefore have to seek information on which programmes have available student places.’

‘I would therefore urge them to find out which programmes have remaining student places and apply for admission to another programme as soon as possible’, says Annette Lund, Director of Studies.

Available student places

One subject area that does have available student places is the engineering programmes. Like SDU's four other subject areas, this subject area has received more applications this year than last year, and all of its programmes have remaining places.

‘We’ve deliberately secured a number of available student places in all of our engineering programmes and in several of our science programmes. This allows us to admit even more students and thus actively support the government's goal of strengthening the STEM educations’, says Annette Lund.

More applications for German studies

The University hasn’t seen any major changes in admission compared to last year. However, there was a surprise finding in terms of the German education programmes.

Germany is one of Denmark's most important cooperation and trade partners, and SDU has for several years focused on strengthening German as a subject area. More than 200 have already applied for admission to SDU's German education programmes, and a number of available student places are still open for applications.

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