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Application 2022

5152 has applied for an SDU education as first priority

The number of people who have given the highest priority to one of SDU's higher education is 5152 this year, which corresponds to a decline of 12%. The entire university sector is experiencing a decline in applications.

5152 has this year chosen an SDU education as the first priority. It is clear after yesterday's deadline to apply for higher education throughout the country. The first priority applications are out of a total number of applications of 17,735 distributed among 11,287 applicants. Compared to last year, the number of first-priority applications corresponds to a decrease of 12%.

The decline in the applications is on a par with the general trend for the entire university sector, which is experiencing a 9% decrease in the number of first-priority applications. According to Rector Jens Ringsmose, for several reasons it was expected that this year's search would be less than has been the case in recent exceptional years, when the COVID pandemic resulted in a large turnout in higher education.

- I am incredibly happy for all the applicants who have SDU as their first priority. We had expected a decline, partly due to the record increase in 2020 and 2021, but there is also a demographic development with smaller youth cohorts, which is beginning to be felt. Finally, we at SDU have introduced grade requirements for all programs and raised the grade limit for some programs. It is done to give the quality of education an extra boost and will also affect the overall search, he says.

Progress at TEK and in Sønderborg

For the second year in a row, we are experiencing great progress in the search for SDU's educational offer in Sønderborg. 32% more applicants have an education in Sønderborg as the highest wish. At the remaining SDU campuses, there is a decrease in the search.

At the faculty level, there is a decline in all areas with the exception of the Faculty of Engineering, which sees a small increase of 1% compared with the 2021 search.

The biggest decline is seen in the natural sciences, health sciences and humanities.

Applicants will receive a response on 28 July

The aspiring applicants will receive an answer as to whether they will be offered a study place on 28 July and then have until 6 August to answer that they accept the place. Until then, everything is prepared to create the best study start for the new students, explains SDU's study director Annette Lund.

- We are thankful for the applications and look forward to meeting all our new students at SDU. We will now start distributing the places and preparing the start of studies for September, she says.

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