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The Climate Council

Peter Møllgaard continues to chair the Climate Council

SDU’s Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Peter Møllgaard, has been reappointed for a four-year term as chairman of the Climate Council, which advises the government on climate issues.

Peter Møllgaard will continue to serve as chairman of the Climate Council for the next four years. It is official after Dan Jørgensen, the Minister of Climate and Energy, signed an official appointment letter.

The SDU Dean will thus continue to have optimal conditions to support the University’s work in making highly significant contributions to the world’s sustainability challenges – regionally, nationally and internationally.

- I look forward to continuing the work that has been going on for four years with myself at the helm. It is very important work for Danish climate policy and for Denmark as a pioneering country to show the way for the rest of the world, he says, explaining that his job at SDU gives him a good start to serving on the Climate Council – and vice versa.

- SDU is a great setting for working with and pushing the green agenda by virtue of our sustainability efforts as well as the new SDU Climate Cluster’s interdisciplinary climate research. At the same time, I have helped launch the free webinar series ‘Climate Thursdays’, in which I have discussed the work of the Climate Council.

Enormous value for SDU

Jens Ringsmose, Rector of SDU, agrees that it is of great value for the University that Peter Møllgaard will continue to serve on the Climate Council for the next few years.

- Peter’s position on the Climate Council perfectly matches SDU’s strategic ambitions to help bring new knowledge into play in the green transition. I am therefore delighted that Peter will be able to continue his excellent work,’ says Jens Ringsmose.

Peter Møllgaard was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark on 1 June 2022.

Editing was completed: 14.09.2022