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Sebastian H. Mernild set to head SDU’s climate efforts

The internationally renowned Professor of Climate Change is set to head SDU’s largest-ever strategic initiative in climate change, sustainability and green transition.

The Head of SDU’s new climate centre – SDU Climate Cluster – has been found.

Internationally renowned Professor of Climate Change, Sebastian H. Mernild, will spearhead SDU’s largest-ever research initiative in climate change, sustainability and green transition. 

He currently serves as Interim Head of SDU’s Climate Centre and Pro-rector of SDU.

Following a thorough recruitment process, a unanimous recruitment committee has chosen to appoint Sebastian H. Mernild to the position. In the selection of the internationally renowned Professor of Climate Change, the recruitment committee has appointed a both visionary and ambitious leader with a strong professional expertise to raise the interdisciplinary Climate Centre to the highest international level.

- We could not wish for a better person in charge of SDU’s interdisciplinary climate initiative than Sebastian H. Mernild. He possesses world-class skills, knowledge and a network in his field. He has all the necessary prerequisites to be able to elevate and strengthen the SDU Climate Cluster, which is a major priority for SDU, says Jens Ringsmose, Rector of SDU.

First-rate researcher and manager

Sebastian H. Mernild has – also before joining SDU – created visible results in the climate and sustainability agenda by virtue of his research background.

Among other things, he was the CEO of the renowned research institute Nansen Research Center in Bergen, Norway, and he is a Professor at the University of Bergen. For a number of years, he was employed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. He also co-authored the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest major report, which was published last year.

- In terms of sustainability, the world is increasingly seeing a demand for climate-related understanding, integration and solutions, both behavioural and technological. I look forward to heading the development of SDU’s Climate Cluster, which is poised to become a major contributor to these very initiatives. Our first-rate, interdisciplinary research and teaching environment will allow us to create scientific breakthroughs – for the benefit of society, Sebastian H. Mernild concludes.

The Rectorate of SDU will now initiate the process of clarifying the composition of the Rectorate going forward.

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Editing was completed: 07.04.2022