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Simon Møberg Torp continues as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

In the coming years, Simon Møberg Torp will serve as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. Having been chosen from a pool of strong contenders for the job, he will continue his term as Dean, which has lasted since 2013. Both the University and Simon Torp himself are delighted with his appointment.

In the coming years, Simon Møberg Torp will continue to head the Faculty of Humanities at SDU.

The job of Dean of the Faculty of Humanities was advertised because Simon Møberg Torp’s current term was set to expire. He was ultimately selected from strong field of applicants, and Rector of SDU and Chairman of the Appointment Committee, Jens Ringsmose, is delighted that Simon will be allowed to continue to serve as Dean.

- We are very pleased that Simon Møberg Torp will be leading the Faculty of Humanities at SDU into the future. Humanistic research and the education programmes at the Humanities have a tremendous potential, which I am confident we will see come into play in the next few years when we need to adapt to, for instance, a new climate-conscious everyday life in society. Simon Møberg Torp’s leadership qualities, vast experience and visions make him the right person for the job, Jens Ringsmose says.

A privilege to serve at the Faculty of Humanities

The key figure himself is very honoured and thrilled to be allowed to continue to work with the staff and students of the very faculty that is dear to him.

- It has been a great privilege to serve as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at SDU for the last 9 years. I find it deeply inspiring to be surrounded by staff and students who are so committed to what they are working on, and I am very excited to continue to be a part of it.

The role of humanities in society must be strengthened

The fields of humanistic education and research have been hard hit by cuts in recent years, but according to Simon Møberg Torp, humanities bring crucial knowledge to our society. The Dean is confident that this will manifest itself even more in the coming years, and he is determined to achieve this.

- I am passionate about humanistic research, education, knowledge dissemination and proactive social commitment that creates value together with the surrounding community. In fact, the hallmark of the SDU and the Humanities is the very desire and dedication to working with and contributing to the surrounding community – both locally, nationally and globally. And the premise of being able to do so is the continued possibility of conducting humanistic basic research of high international quality.

- It is my ambition that in the future, Humanities will become in even greater demand as a partner, both within and outside the university, he concludes.

Personal facts

  • Simon Møberg Torp graduated from SDU and has been employed in various leadership positions at the University since 2006.
  • He has served as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at SDU since 2013.
  • Simon is 50 years old, married and has three children.
  • He has earned management degrees from Harvard and MIT.
  • Simon has sat on a number of ministerial councils and committees.
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