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Coronavirus: SDU encourages staff and students to keep up to date on the official channels of the Danish authorities

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is developing rapidly in a number of countries, including Italy.

At SDU, the Rectorate closely monitors the spread of coronavirus, as the university has many employees and students. The Rectorate has therefore appointed a taskforce under the leadership of the University Director. From now on the taskforce will monitor the national and international situation, prepare information for employees and students and take preventive measures at SDU.

The National Board of Health's stricter recommendations to stay home for two weeks if, after March 2, 2020, one comes from the special areas of risk for coronavirus, means that SDU's Rectorate now has recommended students and employees to follow this recommendation.

Students and employees who have returned from high-risk areas and who have specific tasks in the elderly and health care sector are also informed that they are required to have a 14-day quarantine, under no circumstances may they enter hospitals, care centers, etc., where there are people who are particularly vulnerable if they are infected with COVID-19.

Editing was completed: 04.03.2020